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Serving Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb County, Michigan
Proudly locally owned and operated and serving Oakland County and Macomb County; including but not limited to:
Auburn Hills Berkley Beverly Hills Birmingham Bingham Farms Bloomfield Hills Canton Chesterfield Township  Clarkston Clawson Clinton
Township Dearborn Heights Franklin Farmington Farmington Hills Fraser Grosse Pointe Harrison Township Huntington Woods Ira Township
Keego Harbor Lake Orion Lathrup Village Livonia Macomb Township Madison Heights Mount Clemens New Baltimore Northville Novi Oak
Park Orchard Lake Oxford  Pleasant Ridge Pontiac Redford Rochester Rochester Hills Romeo Roseville Royal Oak Saint Clair Shores
Shelby Township Southfield Sterling Heights Sylvan Lake Troy  Utica Washington Township Waterford Warren West Bloomfield and more..
The folks operating Poop Scoop Queen have been in the pooper- scooper
dog waste removal business since 1999. They offer a thorough, professional
service to Michigan pet owners. Dog poop cleanup on a one-time, weekly,
twice weekly or monthly basis. Poop Scoop Queen relieves dog owners of
the least pleasant aspect of dog ownership - dog waste removal! Please visit
their website for all the pricing and service details.
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Virgina dog waste cleanup. Pooper scooper companies directory.
Directory of pet poop cleanup and disposal companies.
Washington DC dog feces cleanup.  
Del Mar Canine feces doggie dung cleanup. Twin-cities tri-cities, tri-county poop
scooping poop scoopers.
Denton Texas and Marietta Georgia Metropolitan area pooper scooper.
Directory Of Pooper-Scooper Companies Providing Dog Waste Removal Service
Algonac Allen Park Auburn Hills Berkley Beverly Hills
Birmingham Bingham Farms Bloomfield Hills Canton
Chesterfield Township  Clarkston Clawson Clinton
Township Dearborn Heights Ferndale Franklin
Farmington Farmington Hills Flat Rock Fraser Garden
City Grand Rapids Grosse Pointe Harrison Township
Huntington Woods Ira Township Keego Harbor Lake
Orion Lathrup Village Lincoln Park Livonia Macomb
Township Madison Heights Marine City Mount Clemens
Muskegon New Baltimore Northville Novi Oak Park
Orchard Lake Oxford  Pleasant Ridge Pontiac Port Huron
Redford Rochester Rochester Hills Romeo Roseville
Royal Oak Saint Clair Shores Shelby Township
Southfield Sterling Heights Sylvan Lake Trenton Troy  
Utica Washington Township Waterford Warren West
Bloomfield Westland Wyandotte  Oakland County,
Michigan Wayne County Michigan Macomb County
Michigan Washtenaw County Michigan Livingston County
Michigan Saint Clair County Michigan Genesee County
Michigan Kent County Michigan
Michigan Locations Serviced by Pooper-Scooper Companies
Dog Waste Removal Service.com is a website dedicated to the
pooper-scooper industry. We have more than one name for the
website, such as Pooper-Scooper Companies .com.
The theme of the website is dog poop cleanup. We provide a list of
pooper-scooper companies in each state and beyond.  
Pooper-scooper companies can advertise in our directory, and dog
owners can find a service that cleans dog poop. We have a message
board for pooper-scooper companies and those interested in the dog
waste removal industry. The pooper scooper industry has grown in
leaps and bounds in recent years. There are franchise companies,
and small mom and pop companies. Our website was created by the
owner and founder of Poop Scoop King .com , Poop Scoop
Queen.com, and Lawn Mowing King.com.  It's been said that once a
poop scooper, always a poop scooper. Poop scooping can provide a
stable income,but some companies fail. Marketing and business
management are vital elements regarding the success or failure or a
dog poop disposal enterprise. We hope that this website inspires and
legitimizes the pooper scooper industry. If you are a pooper-scooper,
be proud of what you do. If you are considering becoming a pooper
scooper, learn all you can about dog poop cleanup, and business in
general. Never stop learning, always keep growing in pursuit of
customer satisfaction. We hope you find this pooper-scooper
information helpful. The dog waste removal industry is ready to
explode. One day, dog waste removal will be an established industry
that everyone has heard of. Why clean-up the dog poop/waste if you
can hire a pooper-scooper company? Dog poop clean-up is a
needed service, and a natural extension of the landscaping industry.
Some landscaping companies feel dog poop clean-up is beneath
them, but this is not a good business strategy. Don't smush the poop
when you are lawn mowing, pick it up. Dog waste is not good for a
lawn, it needs removal. That's what Dog Waste Removal Serivce.
com is all about
About Dog Waste Removal Service.com
Tigers Lions and Bears ... oops, the latter is from Illinois not Michigan. Michigan is home to many great sports teams though.
Michigan also offers great fresh water fishing and deer hunting. It's sooooo cold in Michigan though. Not surprisingly, when
the Michigan economy went into the tank, a lot of Michigan residents looked for greener pastures and relocated. Michigan's
population has slid in recent years and there are not as many dogs as a result. Even so, Michigan is still a populous state
and there are still many dogs with lot's of poop to be scooped. Poop scooping in Michigan is a very seasonal endeavor.
Pooper scooper companies have their phones ring off the hook when the snow finally thaws. People extremely in need to dog
poop clean up are intimidated by all the dog waste that has accumulated over a long winter. A non-professional pooper
scooper could take literally hours trying to clean a Michigan yard of all the dog poop.  The experienced Michigan pooper
scooper on the other hand can usually get things clean in an hour to an hour and a half. Very few prospective clients call for
dog poop clean up during the summer. Then as fall approaches, the day light becomes scares, the weather colder, and dog
owners fall behind on their pooper scooper chores. Enter professional Michigan dog poop clean up companies. It can really
be a challenge finding dog poop under all the snow. When you can find the dog waste, often it is frozen and impossible to
dislodge . Many dog owners do not realize just how challenging a Michigan pooper scooper's job is in the winter.  It's not an
exaggeration to say that scooping poop during a Michigan winter is an entirely different endeavor than doing so in Michigan
any other time of year. In reality, poop scoopers should get paid a lot more during the harsh Michigan winters. Problem is,
dog poop removal by definition is looked at by most dog owners as  brainless task. During winter, it's anything but.. After the
long Michigan winter comes Spring, and the poop scooping Spring boom.  During spring, all the Michigan dog owners call for
help. Help help me! My yard is filled with land mines ... dog poop is everywhere. Pooper scooper companies come in, remove
the dog waste, and order is restored. There are high priced Michigan scoopers that want close to $100 to restore order. There
are poop scoopers that charge much less. Some clients keep the service the rest of the year, some Michigan dog owners
cancel the service during the summer, and another Michigan poop scooping cycle has occurred. The dog waste removal
service industry is here to stay in Michigan, the population and climate assure this fact of life. Let's give gold stars and
medals of valor to all Michigan scoopers. For much of the calender year, scooping dog poop is very hard work. Like the
pistons, pooper scooper companies have to be hitting on all cylinders.
Michigan Pooper-Scooper Companies
Michigan Dog Poop Disposal
Michigan Dog Poop Disposal
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K-9 Yard Maintenance Grand Rapids Michigan Pooper-Scooper Dog Waste Removal
The number ONE reason to call on us to service your yard is your family's and pets'
HEALTH.  There are many different parasites and also harmful bacteria that can be
found in dog feces.  This is especially true for children as they tend to pick up
anything left lying around. Flies can spread disease when they come into contact
with the waste and then enter your home.  Rodents (rats and mice) are attracted to
it as well. You or your family member could be stepping in "IT" and tracking it
through your home. Some dogs will eat their own feces if not picked up regularly.  
OTHER reasons to have your yard professionally serviced:  Dog waste sitting in
your lawn damages the grass.  Don't let your beautiful lawn "go to waste."
You are busy enough and could use more time with your family and pets.
beautiful, poop-free yard.
We are a local company here in the Grand Rapids area.  We are licensed and
insured.  We know what it is like to have a busy family and pets too.
Website: www.k-9yardmaintenance.com
E-mail:    jd@k-9yardmaintenance.com
Phone:   616-538-3607